Dallas Newborn Photographer | Toni Elmer Photography

Love this little guy and his family! I got to take his big sisters photos when she was a baby not that long ago, and here we are, taking this little guys  newborn photos… I don’t know where the time is going!

Thank you Stephanie for letting me capture your sweet families moments! I love when I get to work with people like you! 🙂


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Wall Display Ideas


So you purchased the digital files.  YAY!  That gives you the freedom to do whatever you’d like!  I have found though that many files tend to sit in a drawer… waiting and longing to be printed into beautiful pictures to be admired.  🙂

Maybe you’re not a visual person and need help with ideas on how to display them.  Well guess what.  Its your lucky day!  I’ve pinned a bunch of pins full of ideas for you!  So go ahead, check it out, get some inspiration, and PRINT THOSE PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Most of you have been to my house and have seen my walls.  Its the pictures there that make people linger… Make people want to linger at your home too.  🙂


CLICK HERE or ON THE IMAGE to see larger

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