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What are you doing today to grow your business for tomorrow?

What are you doing TODAY to grow your business for TOMORROW?

The best thing you can do during the beginning of the year is take the time to thank all your clients from last year.  Send them a hand written note, drop a print or two in the mail… do something to get your best clients talking about you!!  Its what will make you a SUCCESSFUL PHOTOGRAPHER or a CREATEPRENEUR (creative entrepreneur).  If you want new inquiries and to be busy during this slow season you need to go get it!  Take the time to get people talking!


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Soon to be a big brother!! | Dallas Newborn and Baby Photography

little boys know how to steal my heart. Its true. With 4 boys of my own I have a soft spot for them. I can’t wait to see this little guy as an older brother!!! What I’m really excited for though is to find out if he’ll have a brother or sister! His mom and dad are keeping it a surprise!! Isn’t that fun?!?! We did that with one of our and I don’t care what anyone says, its so much more exciting that way!!!


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