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Welcome to the home of Toni Elmer Photography!  I am so excited you stopped by.  Toni Elmer Photography is a Baby Boutique Portrait Studio.  I specialize in custom portraiture of newborns and babies through one year.  I offer newborn sessions, year plans, and our extremely popular video sessions called, Simply Baby Sessions.  With so many photography studios out there you are probably asking yourself, why Toni Elmer photography?

Well, let me tell you….

Toni is one of Dallas’ TOP newborn and baby photographers.  She’s been photographing Dallas’ tiniest new residents for over 5 years!  As a mom of 5 she’s a baby whisperer by now… just ask her past clients.  🙂

Toni makes sure that you are 110% happy with your photos.  She doesn’t put a limit on the number of photos she takes or shows.  As long as baby is happy, Toni keeps shooting!

At the studio you’ll be able to see samples of all our wonderful heirloom quality products.  We love them and know you will too!  We custom design just about everything we offer.  It guarantees you’ll be more than happy with it!

I believe life is made up of defining moments.  The birth of a baby, when baby sits up, when baby starts walking, etc.  But most of all, the biggest defining moment for all of us is LOVE.  Let me help you to capture those moments forever.  The sweet moments of you holding your new little one, your sweet little baby’s toothless grin, baby giggles, you there holding their hand taking those first steps, the first time they try cake… and the first time they smash it. Haha!  Let me help you preserve those moments forever… those are the moments that are truly priceless.  For those are the moments that first define us.

Welcome to the home of Toni Elmer Photography, Dallas’ modern boutique portrait studio.  We can’t wait to meet you.   Let us help you preserve your child’s defining moments forever so someday when you sit down with them before they grow and move on, you can pull out the old photo albums and show them how much they were loved…..


Meet Toni and her Family: